Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I made some progress on the BES (Portland Bureau of Environmental Services) kids education website.
Click here to see it http://www.xstreamspdx.org
My brain has been caught up with computer codes lately, so I decided to knit again (great cure for stress, seriously). Here is one raggedy sock (I'm far from a neat knitter), will I finish a pair of sock? Let's keep our fingers cross.


Popart said...

Could you show me how to put music on my blog.

Siamese Buckaroo said...

Hi Joe:
I just emailed you the instruction. I tried to do it here but the comment post does not allow some html codes. To auto play and loop your music you need to add simple html code. &autoplay=1
in your html script.
Let me know if you did not get the email :)