Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I made some progress on the BES (Portland Bureau of Environmental Services) kids education website.
Click here to see it http://www.xstreamspdx.org
My brain has been caught up with computer codes lately, so I decided to knit again (great cure for stress, seriously). Here is one raggedy sock (I'm far from a neat knitter), will I finish a pair of sock? Let's keep our fingers cross.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Daily Kos

Some of you might remember my attempt to submit letter to editors for the NY Times which is fail miserably. I decided to publish the article on my website, but yeah I only have a few visitors. So I posted a diary on the Daily Kos, and now I have people comments and send me encouraging message. This is why I write! Good comments are nice but I would not mind the bad one. Just the fact that people are reading it is enough for me to write (Am I narcisistic? probably) Here is my Daily Kos link http://siamese-buckaroo.dailykos.com/

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

My Heart Origami Menu

I haven't present to P' Yui (the food cart owner and chef) yet. I'm a little nervous and hope he likes it. But if not, then I'll make a new one.

Friday, April 4, 2008


You might already know, the price of rice and wheat went up the roof in this past few month. Click here to read NY Times article

It's a hot topic around the world right now. Today the Thai government announced that the rice seller decided to stop deliver rice to prisons, blaming the price of rice is higher than the current bid. Click here if you can read thai. The budget for prisoner meals in Thailand is 42 bath per person per day. That's a little more than $1 (at the time that $ is down). The budget included everything that produce the meal, cook's salary, oil, heating cost, and etc. I thought that was low, but find out that Florida
only pays $2.67 for three meals a day for each inmate and according to the PalmBeach Post article on March 29, Lawmakers in the House want to reduce that cost to $2.30 a day. England spend a bit more, £1.87 ($3.70) per day for adult prison and £3.81 ($7.50) for Young Offenders. I can't find the price, but below is from the old Times online article about prison in Italy At a prison that detains murderers and Mafiosi in Velletri, a small town south of Rome, in Italy, prisoners play an active role in cultivating organic fruit and vegetables and making fresh juices, jams, tomatoes, olive oil and wine. The prison has state-of-the-art food production zones including the latest computerised fertilising systems in its orchards, and micro-filtered wine-making equipment in its cantina. The harvested fruit (including grapes, peaches, cherries, strawberries and figs) and vegetables (including tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines,) are incorporated into the prison menus. The prisoners even get 250ml of wine per day in a plastic bottle. The menu is based on typical Italian cooking, including pasta and minestrone and other Mediterranean specialities. “The coffee is superb in prison prepared with extreme care and attention, and sweets and pastries made with as much imagination as possible in the environment."


Thursday, April 3, 2008


A while ago I was kicked out of the Yerba Buena Garden by a security guard. I was asleep with my dog and the guard woke me up.

"There's no sign telling me not to" I said.

But the guard informed me that it is absolutely a "no, no"
"No dog, No luggage" He said. (I checked out of the hotel and had no place to go).
"You must leave the park now" He told me.
"Are there any other park near by that we can rest?" I asked
"I don't know, I don't live here" He said

I just think of this event because while I search for stuffs to put in my poor resume. The link below just came up and I realized that although it's indirectly, this is the second time the YBCA security guard sort of rejected me. (link below) Ouch......

My review link

Last 2 days I did a YouTube experiment on this blog, I posted a bunch of clips and then code them to auto-played at once and it was so annoying and it gave me a severe headache. I think they use the same technique in military to torture terrorist prisoners (country/countries remain anonymous per request). So if you did not tune in this past few days, you just miss it! Another reason to check this blog everyday :) Make it a routine, like brushing your teeth (well, unless you only brush your teeth on weekly basis, then find other routine that's more often).

Anyway, it's been a while since I keep up with this blog. Below is the 2008 Winter Term review, part video, part live presentation.

This is my Amber's Artist interview book for Professor Pat Boas's seminar class (Artist as Writer). We were assigned to do an artist interview. Interview the second year MFA student. I interview Amber Jensen and decided to make an online book for her using children book as a theme. This will be post on the www.khaochae.com main page soon.

But for now go to www.khaochae.com/amberjensen