Thursday, February 7, 2008


The death of Maharishi brought me back to Thailand in 1996, a year that my sister & I decided to practice Hinduism. We even persuaded my mom to come to the temple with us.
I don't know why did we stop going. I think I was at the age of searching for something I could hold on to (can't speak for my sister). I remembered that in the late 1997, I started to read bible & went to the mass. Then I stopped going again (I'm a poster child for quitters).
Anyway, I read the Daily Kos & NY Times today & found out that Maharishi was the owner of an organization worth $300 millions(University, books, DVD, real estate etc.) The organization based in Fairfield, Iowa. The weird thing is, it was the biggest contributor of Ron Paul Campaign!


Avalon Kalin said...

People think stuff like the 300 million is weird. but when you think about it, none of it is weird. people bring the weird associations, Maharishi just spread enlightenment and "life integration" – that is, consciousness– throughout the world. I have so much love for his simple truth, that he endlessly delivered (and continues to deliver) without baggage or an ego slant. Just listen to him for a few minutes and you'll see he is no "cult leader" by far.

Siamese Buckaroo said...

I'm just simply reporting what I read :)