Monday, January 7, 2008

Harrell Fletcher's Winter Assignment

Social Practice students got the Winter Assignment from Harrell. Below is the email
"So for this assignment I'd like you all to do a project that involves (collaborates with or works with as a subject) a non-art type person or people, that has a public venue (which just means that some set of people from the general public can experience it without going to a special venue) and that you document it with at least one image and a simple text description that is then posted on your blog".

I decided to do a commercial for the Thai food cart. The theme is "Home Coming" which inspired by how I feel when I introduced myself to the owner. Like other Social Practice project I started by introduce myself & what I'm doing (but this time I spoke in Thai). Many times I found that people are sort of suspicious & afraid but the first thing he said to me is "Hey are you hungry? Sit. Let me make you something to eat". One sentense transferred me to the other side of the world, the side I was born & raised, the side that is my home. The owner happened to be a camera man from Thailand. He did many famous Thai movies. I am a bit embarrassed of my pathetic student short film. But I hope to get better soon.

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