Sunday, November 25, 2007

I need Pizzazz

I found an article from the NY Times today, titled "A Cover Girl Who’s Simply Himself". It's about Andre J., a very handsome African American man who was on a November cover of French Vogue (as a model). Andre J. is not a cross dresser, in fact, he would preferred that you think of him as "a performance artist who rolls out his own stage every day." Andre J. has been dressing like this forever & he received attention by just being himself & stop caring what people think of him. People would come up to him and said“Wow, oh my goodness, what the hell, you look fantastic, holla brotha” and his favorite so far "I am just so glad you're alive" The article also brought my attention about Blaxploitation and Exploitation film (awesome future platform for me). As I research on how to be a comedian (remember one of my platform choice?). I realized that many comedian play characters in their acts. I was quite a different person when I did the Junk to Funk model. I want to take this further. Can I? and How I? are to be continued. I think the first step is I need to have a pizzazz (from my research of Andre J. after reading the article, he often used this term a lot). Oh and I need to do something with my overly oily + shinny face (hell girl! have you been cooking? my friend would say).

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mark jondahl said...

He "leads an artful life."

I aspire to that too.