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Thai Lecture at Guggenheim

I found this article on Bangkok Post (click the blog title to read it), an English newspaper in Thailand. It is a report on Dr Apinan Poshyananda's lecture 'Thai-Tanic: Thai Art in the Age of Constraint and Coercion', delivered at the Guggenheim Museum. Dr. Apinan was the first Asian scholar to speak in the Hilla Rebay Lecture series (Yeah!!). It was pretty cool for me to see this. The sad thing is that out of all of the Thai artists he mentioned, there is not one female artist, and in all of the struggling he mentioned that Thai artists have gone through, he did not mention the female side of the story. But hey, the dude still did a great job at the lecture. I half expected this news to be somewhere in a Thai language newspaper, but I found nothing. Maybe because we just had an election & I guess it took over every space in the paper. There's no art section in Thai language newspapers, just entertainment.

So above is just a political cartoon about current situation. I grew up reading this guy. And the other one is the Thai police new campaign tactic; dressing up in traditional Thai soldier costumes & handing out flyers to encourage people to be more careful during new years celebration. Outta sight man.

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Where have I been?

Break is almost over! Break is almost over!
I haven't done much of my own projects at all.
Just a lot of reading and working hard on website design.
I have been re-designing a website for Arthur Bradford's How's Your News It has been really fun.
They are shooting a series for MTV in January & will air in May 2008.
I think it is going to be really good & funny.

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Variety Shac

I heard of these girls from Arthur Bradford (How's Your News?). They rock!!! I have been thinking about doing something like this with people of color. Click on the blog title to go to their super cool website.

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A shorter copy of my review

I have to cut some music part out due to YouTube limit.

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Hate me, Hit me, Shower me with punches.

I need Pizzazz

I found an article from the NY Times today, titled "A Cover Girl Who’s Simply Himself". It's about Andre J., a very handsome African American man who was on a November cover of French Vogue (as a model). Andre J. is not a cross dresser, in fact, he would preferred that you think of him as "a performance artist who rolls out his own stage every day." Andre J. has been dressing like this forever & he received attention by just being himself & stop caring what people think of him. People would come up to him and said“Wow, oh my goodness, what the hell, you look fantastic, holla brotha” and his favorite so far "I am just so glad you're alive" The article also brought my attention about Blaxploitation and Exploitation film (awesome future platform for me). As I research on how to be a comedian (remember one of my platform choice?). I realized that many comedian play characters in their acts. I was quite a different person when I did the Junk to Funk model. I want to take this further. Can I? and How I? are to be continued. I think the first step is I need to have a pizzazz (from my research of Andre J. after reading the article, he often used this term a lot). Oh and I need to do something with my overly oily + shinny face (hell girl! have you been cooking? my friend would say).

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Umm Dangerous Zone

I should be writing a paper, but this is so much fun.
Than Shwe is a Burmese junta leader Senior General. I hope I can still go to Myanmar.

My Life with Bush (A new book)

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Parasite Project

From Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Function: noun Etymology: Middle French, from Latin parasitus, from Greek parasitos, from para- + sitos grain, food Date: 1539
1 : a person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns welcome by flattery 2 : an organism living in, with, or on another organism in parasitism 3 : something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return
I have been thinking a lot about medias and thinking about what my professor, Harrell Fletcher told our class one day. He said we should start thinking of ourselves as advertising agents or commercial design company. How do we reach people? and how to get the word out there. I had this idea that maybe I can use the "letter to editor" or "reader comments" as my advertising method. it's easier now that everything can be done online & thousand of people read those comments. So this project is about posting my comment on various online sources, and sort of being a parasite by included my web & school program in there. Below is the reader comments I have posted so far.

Response to "Child Matadors Draw Olés in Mexico’s Bullrings" By MARC LACEY
Published: November 19, 2007. THE NEW YORK TIMES
November 19th, 2007 2:48 pm
I'm a vegetarian so I was surprised that I am saying this. Bull fighting is a cruel activity but it is also a part of their culture. I wonder if this tradition should be preserved? In my opinion, I would rather see people stop eating meat instead (or at least kill the animal themselves instead of mass murder at the factory farm). What about the fact that NASCAR uses so much oil, is that not cruel and wrong too? As for children participate in bull fighting, yes it sounds wrong but I wonder if there are any different between child matadors and child actors, child models, child athletes? These children face the same danger (look at JonBenét Ramsey). We saw many parents brought their small children to many political protest and people are recently talking about the children rights to vote. If the children are old enough to participate in those things, can't they be a matadors? Killing and hunting used to be parts of our survival, in the old day a boy would be practicing these skills just like farmer teaching their children how to ride a tractor, or us teaching our children to cross the street, to count 1-10, to be a mean football player for Ivy league scholarship.
— Varinthorn Christopher, MFA student (Social Practice) Portland State University, Oregon.
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Response to "Here Comes the Stain Again" By Frank Bruni
Published: November 20, 2007. THE NEW YORK TIMES (Diner's Journal)
19. November 21st, 2007 1:17 am
Maybe you could start a campaign to “Stop Napkin of Shame”. That could save the restaurants lots of laundry bills & maybe Al Gore would be proud of you (less spending on water & resources). Get dirty rich folks!
— Posted by Varinthorn Christopher, MFA student (Social Practice) Portland State University, Oregon.
Response to "Helping Hand of Hef", Here at Playboy" by Matt DeMazza 11.19.07 5:00 AM CST
Playboy Magazine blog
Way to go Hef!
11.21.07 12:28 AM CST by Varinthorn Christopher, MFA student (Social Practice) Portland State University, Oregon (Playboy did not show my web address, but the reader can click on my name to go to my web site)

1. November 22nd, 2007 11:47 am
We are such a “BUYING” culture. We woke up everyday with messages “YOU NEED TO HAVE THIS” “YOU NEED TO BUY THIS” This just made me feel that TV is so boring and predictable. Project Runway can do something more creative, like altered the cloth for thrift stores or make clothing out of trash like the Junk to Funk event in Portland, Oregon. — Posted by Varinthorn Christopher, MFA student (Social Practice) Portland State University, Oregon.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

From Junk to Funk

My friend Ramona llea asked me to be a model for her "Oh So Delicious" dress made from Soy Ice Cream Tubs. Ramona collected the tubs for a year. Her dress was selected to enter the Junk to Funk show. I was reluctant at first because I haven't done anything like this before & I was afraid that I would fall down from the stage. But then I said yes, thinking, why not push myself to try something new. Plus Sam Adams and Pollyanne would be there! I had a great time! People made amazing things from trash. I met a lot of new people. For a shy person, this is really a "social" practice. Click here to see more pictures of the events.

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There is an article in the NY Times this week about how Oprah has found her new PLATFORM! (it is YouTube) She called her new platform "Oprah Channel" or something like that. This freaked me out! Then I had an epiphany! That I am not an artist & I will never be one. I just want to be an artist mainly to get back at my dad (who devoted a big chunk of his life to preventing this particular dream of mine from coming true). So who am I?

When my brain grows up I want to be an editor, writer, and comedian (no kidding).

Thus, I am making a new online publishing website (my new Platform) featuring books, magazines, tabloids, newspapers & what not. It will be launch really soon. What am I writing right now?

THE BUMRUNGTON COLD WAR, A historical exhibit of contentious Father-Daughter relations. (non-fiction)

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Change My Pattaya

What to do? what can I do? Serious future project to change Pattaya and child sex tourism.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Catch the poop project

Click on blog title to go to project blog.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sun Tattoo by Yu-Chiao Wang

Diversity Project #1

This project called "Speak UP" I wrote to Willamette Weekly & the editor was so kind to published it on line.

See my article on Willamette Week web site

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The following description of a Thai mealtime was written in the 1850’s by Monsignor Jean-Baptiste Pallegoix:

The Thai take all their meals seated on a mat or carpet. The dishes are enclosed in great bronze vases with a lid in a conical shape and adorned with red cloth. The dishes are cut in small pieces and the rice is placed aside and to the right in a great, widening bowl. On the left side, there is a basin with water in which floats another small basin to drink. The diners have neither spoons, nor forks, nor knives. They only use a mother-of-pearl spoon to take from the plates. For all the rest, fingers are sufficient for them. Only when they are satisfied do they drink pure water or a cup of tea. Drinking from the same bowl or cup is not shocking to them. Among the rich people, the husband usually eats before his wife who serves him at the table.The Princes and the King are only different from their subjects by the richness of the cutlery and the variety of dishes.

The dining hour is, so to speak, sacred for the Thai. One never bothers somebody who is eating; even masters themselves watch out not to interrupt the meal of their slaves. The time of a meal is also a time for silence. Even if one is with ten or twenty people to eat together, one barely hears a few words escape one or the other, so deeply engrossed are they in their business! Thus, their meals take only about a quarter of an hour. One must also remark that they never drink before or during a meal, only afterwards.

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Comissioner Sam Adams and his staff stood up to fight against Poverty

I stopped by commisioner Sam Adams office at City Hall unannounced & Sam is really kind to get out of his important meeting & rally his staff to stand up along with a million people around the world as a part of UN projects to end world poverty by 2015. Please click on the project title to go to UN project link.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Get Up! Stand Up! Portlanders!

Join me Portlanders and be a part of UN Stand Up against Poverty project. October 16 + 17, 2007 here is the details:

STAND UP and SPEAK OUT is a worldwide call to take action against poverty and inequality and for the Millennium Development Goals. During the 24 hour period between Oct. 16th at 9pm GMT and Oct. 17th at 9pm GMT, millions will literally STAND UP and SPEAK OUT to show that they refuse to stay silent or seated in the face of poverty. Help us break the world record so we can break the record of broken promises. Click the post title for the project web site.

What I will do?

I will walk around classrooms & public places in Portland, Oregon. These include City Hall, parks, library etc. & encourage people to stand up to fight against poverty.

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Social Practice Undergrad Class


Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Another Dessert! Another Good Time!

I had another dessert! I spent almost 2 hours with Matthew & we had Russian Tea Cakes at Whole Foods Market.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Artist Without Borders

For some reason I am thinking about the ability of artist to be mobile & there are many artists, such as Gabriel Orozco who practice on the road and using what already available as materials, or inspiration. I'm thinking about starting Artist Without Border project that is obviously inspired by the concept of Doctor Without Border. Who would not love to travel?

A snippet from Seattle Art Museum

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21 cities at once performed

I was participate in a project called 21 cities at once performed. A series of simultaneous events happening on September 14, 2007 @ 6pmEST as part of Conflux Festival, NYC. Curated by Hope Hilton + Nat Slaughter. Click on the post's title to go to their site. Here is what I did
1. I visited an office building next to where I lives and tell them to turn their lights and computers off at night. (I sent in sound document which can be listen through the 21 cities site once they updated it)
2. I ate ice cream with some homeless people while not talking about being homeless. I had a great great time with this one, below is the report I sent along with the picture:

Ice Cream Project

September 14, 2007, 3:15 PM. The temperature was in the mid 70’s in Portland, Oregon. I saw Jim, Ivy, and their dog Annabel on the sidewalk at SW 10th & Yamhill asking passerbys for cigarettes and spare change so I asked if they would like to join me for an ice cream – both said “Hell Yeah”. Jim asked why I picked he and Ivy, and I said, “I want to have ice cream with someone & I don’t feel like buying a rich man ice cream”. During the walk I learned that Jim and Ivy have been experiencing homelessness for a while now. Both had been traveling; hitchhiking from Washington through Portland and planning to leave Portland the next day for Redwood, CA. We went to the Italian style Ice Cream place called “Mio Gelato”. After trying several ice cream flavors including Watermelon, Peach, and Pistachio Jim ordered 1 scoop of Chocolate on a sugar cone. Ivy ordered 1 scoop of Tiramisu on a sugar cone. I ordered 1 scoop of Vanilla on a sugar cone. We sat at the outside table and talked about Thailand, Thai people, Portland, Portland people, Seattle, Dogs, Dog food, Parents, libraries, Hemp stock, Love, Dreams (Ivy wants to be a famous artist and Jim wants to be a famous singer, musician & song writer), dreadlocks, labor works, waitressing jobs, Jose Padilla, Parks, Zoos, Vegetarian vs. Vegan, & the US government. At one point we also tried to make Ivy sing but she was too shy. We also talked about drawing, my space pages, how the cone is always the best part of the ice cream and commented about the pool of chocolate ice cream on the table. Jim cleaned up the table and we walked together to the Ride Aid on SW 5th Ave where we hugged each other goodbye.